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Think. Lab. Make. Tell.™

Did you know that the vast majority of cosmetic brands out there are actually little more than a brand name and product concept? That is they come up with a marketing story and then work with third-party formulation developers and with independent contract manufacturers to produce what you see in the shops.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. After all, what is a product but an idea and a manufacturer? But then if you are an Apple fan, you will know the huge real and intangible benefits that come from everything all developed together under one roof. It all just works, and works together. There are tiny improvements in the thousand small areas of development and put together they make the difference between something okay and something awesome.

And if you work in an environment where you are always waiting on suppliers, then you know the compromises that you are forced to make. Sometimes smaller brands with every good intention just have not got the skills or resources to make things themselves. And all too often, they accept the product they end up with at launch date – too exhausted to continue asking for changes that never seem to be fully understood by the other side.

It is a sad fact that many of the best loved cosmetic brands are actually outsourced for development and manufacture and – in at least our humble opinion – cannot really reach their full potential.


Masters of our own destiny

There’s a certain integrity and high quality that ends up when the entire company has the skills and capabilities to produce outstanding product from raw material to shelf. It is incredibly rewarding to be masters of our own destiny and its turns out to be a virtuous circle as we attract the brightest formulator talent to work for us as they want to be involved with formulation development in brands they actually work for.

Our approach is anything but small-thinking – it is about thinking big. About investing in the long term. And that includes the ability to develop and manufacture. This methodology is ingrained into our culture and will not be lost as we grow.


Think. Lab. Make. Tell ™

Apart from the odd product which requires specialised equipment and expertise (eg. impregnated paper sheet masks), Pangaea creates everything from the raw material right up to the finished product on the shelf. In fact, we even develop raw materials and unique technologies and  have a vast amount of patents, designs and other intellectual property to our name.


Think: We do the entire development. That starts with market research, ingredient selection and the full chemistry workup.

Lab: We have state-of-the-art laboratories and use the time most ordinary companies spend sending samples to and fro, to create lots of small incremental improvements. The time saved and resultant precision and lack of compromises has a huge positive hidden impact on quality and innovation.

Make: Then when the finished formula and packaging design is signed-off, we move to production. Yep, we do that in-house too. We blend, we fill, we label, we box etc. and we do so with incredible care and attention to detail in impeccably clean conditions. Regardless of price point, every product coming out of the Pangaea labs is first class luxury quality.

Tell: Finally we do the bit that everyone else does. The marketing bit. Now this is extremely important. Telling the customer about the product through branding, PR and marketing activity is obviously crucial but I bet as a consumer you’re glad we devote ourselves as closely to the first three steps.


We don’t make for anyone else.

As you can imagine we get requests all the time to make products for other companies but although grateful for their interest, we simply are unable to offer these services. We don’t have the spare capacity for one thing as we are bursting with ideas who are hoping for their chance to make it into production; but more importantly, the Pangaea brand represent a certain quality and attention to detail. And you only get that when it has our trademark Pangaea on the box.


Want to buy British?

Remember, there is more to a brand than the owner of the brand name. When you support Pangaea you are directly supporting British innovation & science. Indeed you are supporting a raft of other British companies as our supply chain is 75% based in the UK and that equates to more than £4m spend annually on other small British firms. So thanks from us and them 🙂

AUTHOR: Sophie Langton

Hello, I'm Sophie and I have an unusual obsession with beauty, organising content & nagging people to hit content deadlines. So they hired me. Yay - go me!! Here is where I will be collecting all the posts and articles that are made by the team at all levels. Hope you enjoy our posts.

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