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Launching a new brand

Creating a new brand from scratch is a scary business, but it’s what we live for at Pangaea. Having had a germ of an idea a year ago, we then embarked on pulling together a full brand proposition, creative, product assortment, packaging, website and social strategy in double quick time. Phew! It was quite a journey, but we are immensely proud of the result…welcome to THE HERO PROJECT®


New Brand

Having 2 very successful brands in our portfolio, Medik8 (professional bio-tech skincare) and Nanogen (retail hair thickening brand), we were keen to add another to keep the family growing. Skincare has always been a big part of our heritage and expertise with many patents and awards won across the globe for Medik8. We wanted to leverage our know-how but for a far reaching retail audience this time. But as everything we do at Pangaea, we couldn’t just create any old brand. We wanted something truly unique and disruptive in concept and activation.

Market Research

So we started with the consumer – checking out thousands of online beauty product reviews to see what makes the absolute best of the best in skincare. We read with interest how much consumers loved the existing holy grailers but often there were still niggles with certain aspects of them; the packaging was poor, unpleasant fragrance, unpalatable price(!) or sub-standard results. So we set to right those wrongs with THE HERO PROJECT. Doing things differently and not accepting the norm are at HERO’s heart and why our strapline is #BeautyOnAMission. We get customers involved in the product development process by trawling all the reviews of the current industry bestsellers so we can find out what makes them the best. And then look to improve on them.

Every product is a winner… A Hero

Instead of just a couple of hero products in the range that many beauty houses create, we want every single product in the brand to be a hero product. By getting the consumer involved, we can be sure that we are really creating what’s needed. For each product we create, we award “HERO sidekick” status to one consumer who embodies the needs of the product and has helped us hone it to perfection. Their stories are then used on our website, email and social.

We even innovate with Packaging

As well as the formulas being exceptional, we turned our attention to packaging too. So often packaging is an afterthought. One of our bugbears at Pangaea is dispensing product from packaging. How often have we all been there cutting tubes with scissors to get the last bit out or “ketchup slapping” the bottom of jars and bottles?! Not very beautiful, is it? So our talented Sourcing team set about finding ways to fix this. They sourced a clever bottle which we now use across the whole HERO range with a dimple in the base where the very last ml of product collects. This makes extracting it super simple and mess-free so you can be sure to be Gorgeous to the last drop® as we like to say.

We do digital in-house

In parallel with all this, our in-house Digital team set to work creating our Magento based website from scratch which is now our main source of revenue for the brand but also source of customer information. We have literally thousands of people on our database desperate to get involved in the project so we have an immediate audience to test concepts and ideas with.

All about teams

Co-ordinating across teams is in our DNA at Pangaea and everyone instinctively pulls in the same direction. This means we can execute projects of this enormity in a much shorter timeframe than larger companies – less red tape, flatter structure – you get the idea. We borrow models of working from the tech industry to keep our R&D pipeline nimble and to ensure we are jumping on trends before they explode.


Retailers and e-tailers have been enormously interested in stocking the brand. We are already trading with,, and our first QVC TV dates are confirmed. With lots more NPD and news to come from this amazing brand, make our day and follow us on social to hear it first:

Facebook: @theheroprojectuk
Instagram: @theheroprojectuk
Twitter: @theheroproject

AUTHOR: Sophie Langton

Hello, I'm Sophie and I have an unusual obsession with beauty, organising content & nagging people to hit content deadlines. So they hired me. Yay - go me!! Here is where I will be collecting all the posts and articles that are made by the team at all levels. Hope you enjoy our posts.

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