Our Locations

Head Office

Incorporating our state-of-the-art laboratories and video editing suite, the 12,000 sq ft. campus style head office is located close to the M1 with lots of parking.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Over 30,000 sq ft. of production and logistics space solely for Pangaea brands. We do not manufacture for any third-parties despite many requests.

Work From Home

During Covid-19, we saw over half our employees move to a work from home setting. Made possible by our deep integration with Google Workspace.

Lloyd's Register

ISO 22716

Social Responsibility


50,000 Free sanitisers

Who cares for those that care? We can't make ventilators, but we can make sanitiser. During the 'first lockdown' Pangaea manufactured and donated WHO quality sanitiser to the most vulnerable in the UK - including the NHS, hospices, care homes and homeless shelters.

Our medical team kept your pocket-sized sanitizer with them at all times as supplies dwindled. I wonder if people of the future will ever believe that hospitals ran out of hand sanitizer. We cannot thank you enough for your help and support.

NHS Clinical Staff

Our front line officers were sent in to disperse crowds with limited personal protection. We were forced to pay exorbitant prices online for basic supplies. Until Pangaea supplied us. Thank you for your community service.

Hertfordshire Police

Our Vertical Structure

We operate a deeply integrated vertical structure comprising conception, development, manufacture and commercialisation. We call it Think. Lab. Make. Tell. This model has been instrumental in our success combining high quality, agility and strong commercials.


Before we dive into lab work, we immerse ourselves in comprehensive market research. What is the gap? What is the opportunity? Where is our competitive advantage? How will this benefit the business plan?

2. Lab

We develop almost every product from scratch. We don’t buy off the shelf stock formulations. We have a fully capable lab and a team of cosmetic chemists who are capable of developing IP. We often work with third party experts to validate safety, stability and efficacy.

3. Make

Quality is not just a word for us. It’s an obsession and we probably need help!! We believe everyone wants and deserves quality. We like precision but the end goal is elegant simplicity.

4. Tell

While we sometimes use external consultants, we retain full capability for core value add activities eg. artworking, regulatory, social media, video editing, conferences, website coding and more. The result.. everyone knows the brands inside out.

Our Story